Hi! My name is Joanna – welcome to my Blog!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been into sport, fitness and staying in shape. I grew up in Sissonville, WV, and at school I was really into basketball, running and soccer. In my spare time I played tennis and went swimming every weekend.

My other great love when I was growing up was animals. I had so many pets that my Dad used to say we lived in a zoo! I worked hard at high school and managed to fulfill my dream of going to Wrocław University of Technology in Poland to study. My dissertation was on modulated semiconductor structures.

After I graduated, I moved back to Sissonville for a couple of years, before landing my dream job working as research assistant here in the University of San Diego in sunny California, studying the electronic properties of two-dimensional systems.

My husband is originally from Wrocław, Poland, and he graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology, one of the best Universities in Poland. He did his dissertation in  Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Systems and Modulated Semiconductor Structures.

That’s great Joana – I can hear you say – but why the blog?

Well, although I was never much into catwalk-style fashion when I was growing up, I did used to spend hours in the mall going round all the sporting apparel stores and lusting after the latest trainers, running gear and all the other gorgeous apparel. Of course my allowance wouldn’t stretch to half of what I wanted (not with all the pet food I had to buy!) – so I just had to make do.

Well now, of course I get to indulge my love of sporting apparel. In fact I have two closets just bursting at the seams with Nike, Reebok, Saucony, Brooks and more. Especially the shoes – I just love the shoes. A lot of runners only have one pair of running shoes (can you believe it?) – but I like to have at least four pairs on the go at any one time. One pair for beach runs, one for the sidewalks, and a couple more for just lazing round the house and walking the dog.

There are quite a few shoe and apparel websites that I visit, but I haven’t found one that covers everything I like – so I thought I’d create this site: There’s so much cool new stuff coming out all the time that I’m really looking forward to blogging about – and sharing all the gorgeous new styles with everyone.

So I’ve built this site – and if you enjoy reading it as much as I’m enjoying putting it together, then we’ll both have a great time! If you have any feedback, or ideas on how I can improve it – please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

I’m just heading out for a run along the beach with my gorgeous dog Max – now I’ve just got to find something to wear!

Joanna Tresher   (email: JoannaTresh@outlook.com)