My Favorite Shoes

Women are known to be lovers of shoes and can virtually have hundreds of pairs. Nonetheless having the right shoe for the right activity is important to protecting ones feet, thus at the end having many pairs of shoes is justifiable, a fact that men cannot fathom.

Personally as a woman I have found the store to be a marvelous store that has in stock a wide variety of shoes I can choose from. Below is a list of my favorite shoes from

Women’s Rebook royal Lumina Training shoes

Having embraced a life of training in the gym, I found out that in the vast majority of shoes I posses, the greatest investment was the Women’s rebook royal Lumina training shoes. The main of why I think they are fine is simply because they have outstanding features that allow me to work out without any shoe injury. Made of synthetic fibers the midsole of the shoe is made of Imeva foam that has a removable ortholite sock liner which gives it extra cushioning. The outer sole is made of rubber that has flex groves that allow a wide range of motion. What is more I found out that these plush sneakers are on offer from $54.99 to $39.98. Men can buy this shoe from Macys.

Women’s Adidas supercloud plus thong sandals $34.99

From time to time, it is important to let feet breathe and I found this feature in the Adidas supecloud plus thong sandals. Being water resistant, they can be worn virtually anywhere from pool area or when going about town. The beauty of it is that the synthetic thong style does not irritate. Made of durable rubber on the outer sole, extra traction is factored in and thus eliminates instances of slips and falls only at $34.99.

Women’s Converse Chuck Taylor Ox $49.99

I have yet to find something negative about this shoe and this might be the reason I have a few pairs in my possession. This old school design seemingly never gets out of fashion and thus can be worn with virtually any clothes design with exception of cocktail dresses. The good thing with it is that at just $49.99 you can have shoes that can be used everywhere; from running errands, hiking, school, outing or shopping. It is made of breathable canvas that can be laced up for security. The outer sole is made of vulcanized rubber that adds to its comfort and durability.

Womens Reebook True studio yoga slipper

To really get the most out of intense workout, it’s important to have a breather from time to time. The women’s Reebook true studio yoga slipper is made of actual coconut fiber that adds pure comfort to the feet. On offer from $59.99 to $29.99, one experiences barefoot sensation with added comfort. The outer sole is made of Duragrio and silicon for maximum traction guaranteeing non slip occurrences on slippery studio floors.

Women’s Nike free 4.0 V4 running shoes

Finally in my list of favorite shoes from is the Women’s Nike free 4.0 V4 running shoes. This shoe offer beauty and ultra comfort at a price of $79.99 from $89.99. Their make ensures that they hug the feet with a breathable mesh. The midsole and the outer sole are made of phylite and diamond- shaped flex grooves that gives it an extra light cushion for a smooth run. Regardless it offers great best flexibility and makes my running days effortless whether if am running on the road or treadmill.

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