Guidelines to Help you Improve Traction of Basketball Shoes

So many people often ask the following question: I’ve started using my new basketball shoes, but it seems they get slippery because of the dust in the gym. What are some of the ways to improve traction of basketball shoes? it is obvious that without good traction it is impossible to have the balance while shooting the ball, making cuts or trying to keep the opponent at bay in the defense area. To make your shoes have a better traction, follow the guidelines I provide below:

Step 1. Remove dirt. See video below.

Step 2. From my experience, stepping on the traction board during practice or before each game gives your shoe sole an adhesive surface that helps to drop dust and oil when you step off the board. It is also necessary that you sweep the floor, whether you play inside or outside because dirt accumulates so fast on the floor.

Step 3. Sprinkle the court with water. Let it dry then sweep it again. You can also apply the traction fluid at the sole before the game starts or during breaks. This will help your shoes to feel extra grippy.

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Step 4. Wipe or spray rosin powder on the shoes, after brushing all debris and dirt off the shoe soles. Effectiveness of the rosin powders vary, but from my own opinion, they are more effective on gymnasiums wooden floors but less on asphalt and wooden floors. You should also clean the shoes before every game or practice sessions and also during breaks.

Step 5. You can have a sticky mat near the court from which you will wipe your feet during the breaks. These mats have sticky peel-off sheets that will be replaced when they lose the effectiveness. Sometimes I use saliva in the absence of mats. You can as well wet fingers with saliva then rub them on the surface of the shoes as fast as possible so as to wet the soles. This method is easy to use in the middle of the game, although it only improves traction a small amount

Step 6. After every use, wipe or wash your shoes with a dump towel and soapy water regardless of how clean you sweep your floor.

A great way to restore fresh traction to your shoe is to use CourtGrabbers Traction. See video below:


For you to have a not only wonderful game but also enjoyable, improving basketball shoes traction will be very necessary. If you follow the guidelines provided above, you will never have your game disrupted because of issues with your shoes, either new or old. but if you ignore, it can as well cost you a very crucial match.