How to Clean Your Running Shoes

Do you always have to leave your running shoes outside every time you come from your morning jog? Before you decide to go all out and see a doctor, the problem might not be your feet but rather the hygiene of your shoes. Knowing how to clean your shoes the right way is very key. This is not only to get rid of the dirt and debris that might have collected but also to address the odor which had been quite the pain for me for quite some time. Clean shoes have a better traction, too. If you are wondering how you can be able to do this, here is the answer that you have been waiting for.

Remove the innersoles and stuff the shoes with newspaper

The first thing that you ought to do before you even start cleaning your shoe is to address the moisture that accumulates while you wearing the shoe. In most cases, this is the sole root of the stench that comes out of the shoe. Once you loosen the shoe laces, proceed to remove the inner soles and then stuff the shoe with crumped up newspapers. These will help suck in the moisture and leave the shoe dry inside.

For the inner soles, you can sprinkle a bit of bi-carbonate soda. This will further work on the stench and absorb all the moisture and make it easier to clean the inner-soles as well.

The exterior

In most cases, the shoe will come with some instructions on how to clean the exterior. First, use a soft tooth brush to scrape of the dirt and mud before you throw the shoes in a washer. Ensure that you use cold water and a short spin cycle. Also make sure that you remove the laces from the shoe before you throw it in the machine. A nice touch that I like adding for better results is throwing a couple of towels in with the shoe. This gives the shoes some extra padding and at the same time gives them something to scrub against for a better shine.

Make sure that you only load one pair of the running shoe per wash so that you don’t end up damaging your machine.

Keep in mind that you ought to have removed the newspaper before throwing the shoes in the washer. Don’t throw this away since their task is not yet complete.


Proper drying plays a huge role in making sure that you have a clean and smell free shoe. If this is not done the right way, not only do you risk damaging the shoe but ending up with a really twisted and sickening smell. Do not use dryer, a hand dryer or even place the shoes near a radiator to dry. Excess heat can cause them to warp. Instead place them in an open, dry and war, place and stuff the newspapers inside.

The newspapers will help the shoe to retain its shape as it dries and also absorb all the water inside the shoe.

After the shoe dries, you should have a spotless clean and odorless free running shoe that you will always look forward to wearing and will not have to worry about having to remove them in front of your kids with the fear of them running around holding their noses in disgust.