Reasons I Like the Adidas Stan Smith Vulc Shoe

Are you looking to make the most out ofyour summer outdoor activities? After the winter snow has melted and the spring storms blow over, the masses hit the street. As the busiest outdoor season, and beach season, summer tempts the crowds out of their homes and back into physical activity. And there isn’t a better way to start getting active than equipping yourself with a new sleek, stylish, and comfortable pair of shoes.

Adidas’ newly redone Stan Smith Vulc shoe, based on its original shoe for Stan Smith in the 1970s, has a retro vibe that looks like something your dad may have worn. Some people enjoy the look, and others dislike the lack of newage sports vibe. What everyone can agree on, however, is the shoe’s fantastic performance both on the board and on the pavement. The Stan Smith Vulcs are designed to blend an older, classic look with elements catering to skater performance.

Key Features:

  • Sprintskin upper for a light weight, comfortable, natural feel
  • Vulcanized rubber outsole with vector traction for better grip
  • Molded sockliner
  • Court-inspired front
  • Lightweight cushioning from a molded EVA midsole
  • Wide range of color options

Consumers have given this shoe high ratings, saying that the inside is very breathable. Personally, I enjoy that the shoe comes in an all-white variety. It is getting pretty hard to find a crisp, all-white shoe for skating these days. The sprintskin feature is nice too – I don’t even need my socks to skate anymore. The vector grip feature is pretty amazing too. It really gives you a feeling of control on your board. A lot of runners are keen on this feature as well. The grip works great, giving you great support while jogging or playing hard-surface sports like basketball or tennis – which the original Stan Smith shoes were made for!

The downside that many skaters have stated is the shoe’s toe area. The court-inspired toe region can really catch you off guard. This isn’t bad for jogging, but when you’re skating it can take a little time to get used to. Unlike a lot of modern skate shoes, these guys have a rounded shape and short toe. It still functions just fine though. A few kickflips and grabs is all it takes to adjust to the feel. Some reviewers agree that the tongue might need some work though, because it does feel a little long sometimes.

All in all, the Stan Smith Vulc shoes are way worth it. It takes a lot to beat when a shoe has style, comfort, and functionality. Consumers love how easily and how well they break in and how surprisingly well padded the sole feels. Optimal for joggers and skaters alike, with great reviews and high customer satisfaction, the Stan Smith Vulc might be your top pick for summer shoe as well.