Why I Like the Nike Air Zoom Elite 7 Running Shoes

Have you ever wondered what has catalyzed the increased popularity of The Nike Air Zoom Elite 7? Wonder no more because here is a credible and unbiased Nike Air Zoom Elite 7 Review.

The Elite 7 is as good for explosive sprints and high tempo runs, as it is for long distance jogs.  Many athletes across the world have chosen to buy Nike shoes because of the following features:

Ground-shoe contact

The shoe offers total contact with the ground and as a result the wearing out process is minimized. It also provides an excellent grip and traction with tarmac and running tracks.


It is so possible for an athlete to order a customized pair of Nike Air Zoom Elite 7. This ensures that the client’s taste and preferences are met at all costs.

High quality material

They are made up of very comfy and high quality carbon material that befits all means of handling and extreme weather conditions. The upper part has a nice mesh that keeps off unwanted materials.


This shoe has a very acceptable weight. It is therefore most suitable for running and walking without any constraint. This enables someone to run far and fast without feeling the effects of the weight of the shoes. While it’s lighter than it’s predecessor, it consists largely of foam and therefore it’s prone to getting worn out pretty fast. See the pros and cons of the Zoom Elite 7.

Fitting size

The inner environment has a nice setup that prevents the legs from sliding in and out. This ultimately gives the runner a high degree of freedom and comfort.


The shoe is relatively firm and provides a cushioning effect thereby it prevents hurting someone’s heels. This ensures that the health of the runner is not compromised at all.

Nike Air Zoom Elite 7 are surely worth their cost and are a good investment when it comes to cleaning it just needs a bit of wiping and it could keep these shoes durable for years to come.With numerous positive reviews from customers, Nike Air Zoom Elite 7 remains to be one of the best sports shoe at present.